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York University – Schulich BBA Application Example

Schulich has now moved towards a more technologically savvy application. This involves still filling out their leadership profile, but also includes a 3 question video interview, 1 question that is set, and 2 that are random. This all makes the Schulich BBA Application ...Read More

Queen’s Commerce Essay Example

Queen's has an optional PSE for all students, but also has additional mandatory questions for certain programs, Bachelor of Commerce being one of them. Thus, below you'll find a Queen's Commerce Essay Example. For admissions consulting services, we recommend the folks a...Read More

Carleton Social Work Application Example

The BSW application at Carleton is one of the most intense applications in Canada. Below are Carleton Social Work application examples that should be used for guidance, but cannot be copied or re-used in any way. As part of the admissions application process, please ...Read More

UBC – Sauder Bcom Essay Example

Below is a Sauder Bcom essay example. This essay is not to be re-used or copied in any way, but rather just as a sample that can help guide you. Explain how you responded to a significant challenge that you have encountered and what you learned in the process. (maxi...Read More

Western – Ivey HBA AEO Essay Example

Ivey's HBA AEO application is a bit simpler than the HBA application as there isn't a video component, although this could likely change in future years. The Ivey HBA essay question is: Consider all the extracurricular activities (community involvement, paid and/or v...Read More