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Queen’s Commerce Application 2016/17 – How to Get In

The Queen’s Commerce application is one of the toughest in Canada. But each year, we conduct a public analysis on the application to provide a resource for students who need support. For more support, contact us at   Remember, please...Read More

What University Should I Go to in Canada?

Choosing a university is an incredibly difficult yet important decision. There are many factors that come into play, all of which really confuse the question, “What university should I go to?” In Canada, we are lucky to have so many top notch universities at somewh...Read More

5 Top Canadian Universities for International Students

With a quality education system and reputation as a safe and multi-cultural country, Canada is rated at the top of the list of places for international students to study. So what are the top Canadian universities for international students? “Canada has so much to o...Read More

Queen’s Commerce Admission 2015/16

Let's talk about Queen's Commerce admission. "How do I get into Queen's Commerce?” People ask that question every year, and every year there’s a different answer. You ask people in the program, you search it in google, but there doesn’t seem to be a clear cut ans...Read More

IB University Recognition and Admissions in Canada

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is an international educational program that is offered throughout secondary schools around the globe. The IB diploma program is offered by over 160 schools throughout Canada and it is recognized by over 150 universities i...Read More

10 of the Best University Residences in Canada

Some of you might be settling into your new dorms and getting to know your (hopefully) cool new roommates. Others might be starting back at high school and beginning to think about university applications. Either way, university residence (a.k.a. "res") is an importa...Read More

The 10 Best Hippie and Hipster Universities

Do you rock skinny jeans and dark-rimmed glasses on a near-daily basis? Or are you someone who's passionate about the environment and sustainability? If so, you're probably interested in what Canadian universities are doing to foster and support these sub-cultures. U...Read More

4 Ways to Choose Your Future University

Grade 12 is a stressful year. In Ontario alone, students last year submitted more than 400,000 undergraduate university applications. But shockingly, 38 per cent of these students either switch or leave, according to a report co-authored by the Higher Education Strategy...Read More

Best Business Schools in Canada

Are you in high school and want to get into the very best business schools in Canada possible? Or are you already in university and looking to get an MBA to solidify the chances of you landing a good, relevant job? The uHub team has created the most comprehensive a...Read More

How to get into Schulich BBA

The Schulich School of Business  at York University is one of the best business schools in Canada. As such, it's of no surprise that it has one of the best undergraduate business degrees in the country. Its BBA is one of the best in the country, and its iBBA is the old...Read More

How to Get a University Scholarship

They say 30% of scholarships go un-awarded, but with the rising cost of university, there’s not much stopping you from applying. Each year, thousands of dollars are presented to Canadian students and you could be one of them. When I was applying to universities two...Read More

How To Get Into Ryerson Journalism

Ryerson University is known for journalism. It takes pride in offering a practical and hands-on approach to learning. As an aspiring journalist, the idea of being situated in downtown Toronto is a major benefit, since there's always something going on and the city atmos...Read More