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Best Canadian Universities for Foodies

Introducing the best Canadian universities for foodies. These 10 universities have proven that their meal plans and cafeterias are true restaurant-quality.

Best Business Schools in Canada

Read our expert analysis to discover the best business programs in Canada

Best Engineering Schools In Canada

Read our expert analysis to discover the best engineering programs in Canada

How to Get Into Schulich BBA 2016/2017

Schulich BBA is a very competitive business program and as such, has a very difficult application process. This article will describe the requirements, a walkthrough, tips on how to succeed, and ultimately, how to get into Schulich BBA 2016/2017. Everything in this article also applies to how to get into Schulich iBBA 2016/2017. Requirements First step…

Queen’s Commerce Application 2016/17 – How to Get In

The Queen’s Commerce application is one of the toughest in Canada. But each year, we conduct a public analysis on the application to provide a resource for students who need support. For more support, contact us at   Remember, please support UniversityHub by taking their famous MatchU quiz – which gives you a very helpful breakdown…

Kris Langille: Canada’s Student of the Week

This week, we’re celebrating Kris Langille as Canada’s Student of the Week. Kris is from New Liskeard, in Northern Ontario, and is very passionate about art, culture, travel, and encouraging others. He’s an outgoing student with strong ambition to do great things in life. UniversityHub caught up with Kris to find out what inspires his work and how he spends his day-to-day. Learn more about…

Garrett MacDonald: Canada’s Student of the Week

This week, we’re celebrating Garrett MacDonald as Canada’s Student of the Week. Garrett is a Top 10 student on the Student Leaderboard. He has a very impressive mix of extra-curricular experience and academic excellence. Outside of the classroom, he keeps himself busy running his own business, Digital Decisions, a successful consumer electronics consulting business. He’s also a leader at…

5 Ways Travel Can Boost Your Résumé

The word ‘travel’ is too often associated with unproductive time off from what you ‘should’ be doing. But UniversityHub has another perspective for you. We sat down with Katie Idle from the Study and Go Abroad Fair to highlight 5 ways that travel can boost someone’s résumé. The fair is kicking off this weekend in…

Cassandra Cowan: Canada’s Student of the Week

This week, we’re celebrating Cassandra Cowan as Canada’s Student of the Week. Cassandra is from Ajax, Ontario, and keeps herself busy as the Chief of Communications at her high school, Editor in Chief of her Yearbook, a part-time soccer referee, ambassador for the prestigious Science Expo, and an elite curler.  UniversityHub caught up with Cassandra to find out what inspires…