Unfortunately, we no longer offer admissions consulting services. However, we are still happy to help you out with any admissions related questions so feel free to contact us at questions@universityhub.ca. Also, if you are looking for admissions consultants, we recommend contacting AdmissionsConsulting.ca.

Admissions Consulting Canada

UniversityHub provides a set of unmatched admissions consulting services, focusing specifically on the top undergraduate programs in Canada. You know how you think it’s a bit of a mystery where your application will go after its submitted? We don’t. We know exactly where it goes, what it does, who reads it, and what they’re looking for in a perfect candidate for the program. Why do we know this? Because we’ve attended all these schools before, and we’ve privately consulted for dozens of high school students – like yourself – to help them get in.

We work with students, not just as application consultants, as performance coaches. We can help you figure out what extracurriculars to focus on in order to maximize your application’s strength or we can provide consulting on which universities we think would be best for you in terms of lifestyle and education. Any questions or concerns you may have, we can help you out.

We have an 85% acceptance rate for our clients (read about our success stories). And note that nearly all clients approach us with their dream school in mind… McMaster Kinesiology, Waterloo Engineering, Queen’s Commerce – all phenomenal programs, but also some of the toughest in the world to get into. We’re one of the few resources in Canada here to help you.

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