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Why students, parents, & teachers love us

Here at uHub, we pride ourselves on delivering an incredible service 100% free to students. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received.

“Being from a small town, I always thought I was at an information disadvantage with ‘insider insights’ on university. But UniversityHub connects you with other students in the same boat to share information, resources, and insights with each other.”

- Sam, Waterloo Engineering

“UniversityHub creates incredible transparency for students. I never knew how competitive my program was until I saw the other students applying on the Student Leaderboard. It really made me step up my game!”

- Sidney, Queen’s Commerce

“uHub was an invaluable resource to our family. They provide everything a student needs to know, right in one place. I highly recommend the site for any interested student or parent.”

- Mother of Mariah, Western University

“I feel like universities bombard us with so much marketing, it’s hard to get an authentic feel for what a university will actually be like, and if it’s a strong fit for you. UniversityHub helped me make the very best decision possible – I can’t thank you guys enough!”

- Bianca, Queen’s Chancellor’s Scholarship Applicant